Sunday, 31 January 2010

Back to the future

Here is a video of PJ harvey and Bjork at the Brit Awards.
This was a life changing inspiring moment for me.
bjork with her Yamaha Su-10 sampler and PJ with her Long snake Moan
these people had messages. The idea of celebrity disgusted these Mercurial message bringers
13 years on........

people talk of the economic recession...
what about the cultural recession?
Where have all the musicians with inspirational firebrand do or die unique light giving gods and godesses gone?
2010 sees the U.K and pretty much the world over with
nothing but a pile of derivitive wet fish using music as a vehicule
to drive to them towards some holy grail of celebrity.

Looking at that clip of the marching bland depress the red carpet at the brits nominations, I feel proud to have a known another time of music when
the middle of the road was a shameful place to stand, Props to Dido to have the initiative to make her comeback with a new name and a snazzy top from dorothy perkins
Ellie Goulding must be Didos Ziggy Stardust persona. Smart move.

but seriously.....

is this a problem that gets worst with every generation? are human personalities getting blander as the more mums pop out unwanted children and
pram them round westfield shopping centre? is evolution and the digital takeover rapidly wiping out unique personalities and outrageousness from the food chain?


That said, Gaga, florence, roux, I honor you for breeding the different race. Keep it up.
creatures, be fearless.. be brave.. be exotic.. be a new invention!

Take me back to the future.......

xxx BB

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