Wednesday, 30 December 2009

Cooking With Lady A

Let me introduce our guest writer, Lady A, chief on all things domestic, empathetic and
classy. The domestic goddess with no faith in the domestic but is trying her hardest.
Raised in the prisons and paradises of the 50's way of thought that a well to-do family
must have everything done for them.

Today Lady A tries to cook herself a light lunch snack while her husband is away.

Hello there dear readers
to the left is my vain attempt at making
the recipe of the day
inspired by christmas excess of watching
endless streams of bbc comedy
after returning from the tropics
I was suprised to come across
a recipe I remembered from my childhood
on a program called gavin and stacey

so in the dull days before
new years eve
may i recommend you start adding to your already
fat saturated body Xmas-Xterminated soul with a little Lady A comfort food.

for a single hungover or heartbroken boy or girl
two slices of bread
two eggs
whisk them eggs well
Get a good wide deep pan and heat
pour olive oil in or let butter melt
lay the two slices of bread on the pan
think a bit
then pour the egg mixture on top
look romantically, repeatedly out the window at the rain and think about what you
want to do tonight or if you should call an old friend
turn with bacon tongs (no fingers please your ragamuffins.. hot pan!)
then make sure it looks cooked.

get a brightly colored plate
winter is dark
you need to surround yourself with color
to remind yourself of florescence and summer

put some ketchup on it! KETCHUP!

then eat

This winter. When I am alone. I put on joni mitchells "clouds" album on vinyl.
listening side a from "Tin Angel" through to "Roses Blue"
will ease digestion and stop you from repeatedly checking your facebook status
and also make your heart feel like it is being sung to by a best friend for 15 minutes

until next time
xlady Ax

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